Apply to School

Applying to college and certification programs can help you meet your life and career goals. Most colleges have conditions for enrollment, so be sure to:

  • Be thorough and accurate on your applications.
  • Find out what is required to get into the school which may include some specific testing, courses taken previously, etc…

Get help from the school if you need it to apply.

Tips for Applying to College
  • Start early.
    Are you going to a degree program? Contact the schools of your choice 12 to 18 months before you plan to start. You can get in touch with a short-term training program about a month ahead of time. Make sure you know the schools rules for admission. Do they want you to have good grades or take an admissions test? Talk to the schools admissions office to find out.
  • Choose several schools.
    Apply to up to six different schools for degree programs. It's good to have a back-up plan in case your first choice falls through. If you can't afford to pay the application fees, ask if you can have them waived due to your financial situation.
  • Apply.
    Make a checklist of each school's admission steps since every school can have different deadlines. Ask for help from your family or career coach to organize your lists. Know what day each application is due. Keep all of your school information in one place.
  • Read your mail.
    Check mail from schools immediately. A letter might tell you how to register for classes or contain financial aid information. 

Do you need your credentials evaluated and transferred from another country?
World Educational Service can help you with that. 

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