Make Your Goal-Setting Plan

Once you write down your long-term goals, think about how you can achieve them. Come up with specific actions attached to each goal. Write them down in a plan.

Be Flexible.
Adjust your short- term actions as needed. Sometimes things happen that take you off track, but this does not mean that you no longer have a goal. Stay motivated when your goal takes longer to accomplish or you have to overcome barriers.

Use the Career Plan Worksheet (pdf) to track your career goals and the actions to support them. You can add your personal goals to this worksheet, too.

Example of a Career Plan
My long-term career goal:

In 3 years I will have a culinary certificate and working towards becoming a lead chef.

My short-term goals to
achieve my long-term goal:

I will learn more.

  • I will talk with three people in this career within 1 month.
  • I will develop a list of realistic tasks within 1 month.

I will expand my skills.

  • I will get an entry-level chef job within 6 months.

I will practice skills.

  • I will go to the library every week to get cooking books.
  • I will practice at least one recipe every week at home.

I will get experience.

  • I will ask my boss to use one of my recipes within 8 months.

I will gain training.

  • I will finish my chef degree within three years.

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